“AZCLOUD” cloud computing services can be customized depending on your needs. Tailored solutions allow you to setup and maintain your IT infrastructure with minimum entry costs. Solutions provided by “AZCLOUD” enable you to meet your specific needs and allow you to acquire infrastructure incrementally. You can get resources by choosing CPU, HDD, RAM parameters based on your current needs. Our “Pay as you grow” model allows you to forecast costs and, consequently, lower your expenditures for infrastructure services. Moreover, we can provide installation of VPN network, as well as VPN (IPSec), IPv4, IPv6 services and dedicated line services, from any point in the world. Also, DDos Protection services by “AZCLOUD” will provide you with safe and secure infrastructure, whereas Load Balancer service will optimize utilization of your network.
This service provides customer equipment with access to permanently available cooling system, security and internet connection. By benefiting our colocation service you can say goodbye to the costs associated with powering, maintaining and managing an in-house server. With our Data Center, your most critical systems will benefit from around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring. Depending on your request, we can turn on, restart, turn off and perform diagnostic checks on your servers (remote hands and remote eyes).
Backup as a Service (BaaS) ensures constant backup of the data and cloud infrastructure, and its quick recovery for the customer in case of unexpected data loss.
In the globalizing global markets, the security requirements for companies focus on protecting confidentiality, continuity and mobile security of business. The cloud provider AZCLOUD provides the solutions chosen by thousands of customers for any protection of corporate cloud infrastructure, virtual environment and physical servers based on favorable subscription conditions.
Purchasing Microsoft products on a subscription based software as a service model allows for cost optimization and efficient adjustment of the resources as per customer demand.
It is enough to have an internet connection in order to use a Virtual IP Telephony, which is considered a new generation of communication.