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ASB is a block storage service designed for attaching to AZCLOUD virtual machines (ACS). ASB provides ASB Turbo, ASB Ultra, and ASB Standard allowing customers to choose the best performance-cost scenario. The highest performance volumes is ASB Ultra (SSD) that are attached for carrying out hard, latency-sensitive, and business critical workloads. ASB Ultra and ASB Standard are the best choice for data warehouse, log processing, and virtual desktops.

ASB Turbo is low-cost SSD volume block storage. It is designed to provide super fast and consistence performance for boot volumes of virtual machines, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases, and other business critical applications. Customer is charged for GB-IOPS ONLY. There is no other hidden costs such as write and read options.

ASB Ultra is low-cost HDD volume block storage for frequently accessed workloads. ASB Ultra is designed to provide the lowest cost and  the highest performance compared across similar services in the market. Customer is charged for GB-IOPS ONLY. There is no other hidden costs such as write and read options.

ASB Standard is the lowest cost HDD volume block storage. Although ASB Standard designed for less frequent access to workloads, it provides the highest performance across similar services in the market. Customer is charged for GB-IOPS ONLY. There is no other hidden costs such as write and read options.




ASB provides one of the highest IOPS-GiB ratio across all types of ASB compared to the other service providers



Ability to add up to 10 additional volumes to AZCLOUD virtual machine



ASB provides high durability for types of storages



Automatically scale up storage capacity



Ability to encrypt data on the volumes



ASB persists independently of the life of instance

Use case

Use cases

Use case description for this product

  • Enterprise Software
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Log Processing
  • Data Warehouse
  • Databases (Relational and non-Relational)
  • Business critical applications


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Notification upon any event in ASB volume

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Auto-encryption of data in rest

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Total volume size, used space on volume size, IOPS usage

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Recording of actions performed on created file system

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Tag creating option

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Ability to boot templates from snapshots

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create snapshot and keep them in ASB Standard

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Type of storages

Select best suited ASB storage type based on IOPS provided

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Availability Zone (AZ) selection

Build VM in one AZ, attach ASB form other AZ

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Independent persistence

ASB persists independently of the life of instance

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Attach block storage volume to virtual machine



Name Disk size Price
S1 10 GB 0.00250 AZN/hours Buy
S2 30 GB 0.00750 AZN/hours Buy
S3 50 GB 0.01250 AZN/hours Buy
S4 100 GB 0.02500 AZN/hours Buy
S5 200 GB 0.05000 AZN/hours Buy
S6 500 GB 0.12500 AZN/hours Buy
S7 800 GB 0.20000 AZN/hours Buy
S8 1024 GB 0.25600 AZN/hours Buy
S9 2048 GB 0.51200 AZN/hours Buy
S10 3072 GB 0.76800 AZN/hours Buy
S11 4096 GB 1.02400 AZN/hours Buy
S12 5120 GB 1.28000 AZN/hours Buy
S13 6144 GB 1.53600 AZN/hours Buy
T1 10 GB 0.01046 AZN/hours Buy
T2 30 GB 0.03138 AZN/hours Buy
T3 50 GB 0.05229 AZN/hours Buy
T4 100 GB 0.10458 AZN/hours Buy
T5 200 GB 0.20917 AZN/hours Buy
T6 500 GB 0.52292 AZN/hours Buy
T7 800 GB 0.83667 AZN/hours Buy
T8 1024 GB 1.07093 AZN/hours Buy
T9 2048 GB 2.14186 AZN/hours Buy
T10 3072 GB 3.21281 AZN/hours Buy
T11 4096 GB 4.28374 AZN/hours Buy
T12 5120 GB 5.35467 AZN/hours Buy
T13 6144 GB 6.42560 AZN/hours Buy
U1 10 GB 0.00399 AZN/hours Buy
U2 30 GB 0.01196 AZN/hours Buy
U3 50 GB 0.01993 AZN/hours Buy
U4 100 GB 0.03986 AZN/hours Buy
U5 200 GB 0.07972 AZN/hours Buy
U6 500 GB 0.19931 AZN/hours Buy
U7 800 GB 0.31889 AZN/hours Buy
U8 1024 GB 0.40818 AZN/hours Buy
U9 2048 GB 0.81636 AZN/hours Buy
U10 3072 GB 1.22453 AZN/hours Buy
U11 4096 GB 1.63271 AZN/hours Buy
U12 5120 GB 2.04089 AZN/hours Buy
U13 6144 GB 2.44907 AZN/hours Buy

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