Meet AZCLOUD Portal

Meet AZCLOUD Portal

Meet the new self-service platform from AZCLOUD-AZCLOUD Portal

AZCLOUD introduces a new self-service platform- AZCLOUD Portal located in an availability zone with a high degree of reliability which meets international standards.

Customers will be able to independently create their own IT infrastructure through AZCLOUD Portal. 

AZCLOUD allows users to easily and flexibly deploy virtual servers in the cloud,  which helps solving digital tasks in simpler and more convenient ways compared to the classic business model. This model will help startups, small and medium businesses, system administrators, developers, and anyone who wants to use services in a virtual system to quickly deploy, scale and manage cloud infrastructure in a secure environment of affordable price and quality. 

Cloud services for clients will be provided through  AZCLOUD Portal. AZCLOUD Portal - self-service platform presented in Azerbaijani and English languages allows each individual to easily register and enter personal office, as well as to use such services as Compute, Storage and Network. The portal provides a number of advantages, such as an electronic contract, electronic invoices, full control over resources, flexibility and scalability that help users to get full control over their IT infrastructure. Additionally, it is possible to purchase paid and free software applications via AZCLOUD Marketplace. One of the main advantages of the portal is "pay-as-you-go" model, which, in turn, will allow users to pay for each service on an hourly basis. 

It should be noted, that the price for a virtual server in AZCLOUD Portal starts from as low as 10 AZN per month. Payments for services made via debit or credit card added by the user during the registration on AZCLOUD Portal will be deducted monthly.  New users of  AZCLOUD Portal are provided with free services in the amount of 200 AZN during the first month. 

The beta version of AZCLOUD portal is already available to users. We invite you to discover the features of  AZLOUD Portal: 

Any questions left? We are happy to help answer them!


Creating your IT infrastructure is now very easy with new AZCLOUD Portal!  Using AZCLOUD Compute, AZCLOUD Storage and AZCLOUD Network and features like MarketPlace, you can now create virtual servers and manage your IT systems quickly and independently.

Let's build the digital future to be proud of!