Cloud storage: a new way to facilitate your business processes

Cloud storage: a new way to facilitate your business processes

In today’s world, while running any business, individuals should focus on storing data in a secure, cost-effective way and enjoy high performance, resulting in successful and smooth business processes. Basically, there are 2 popular ways - cloud storage and on-premises, but their similarities and slight differences make businesses confused about choosing which of these 2 alternatives is better. Therefore, to help you overcome this dilemma and make a wise choice, we recommend that you read the brief information below and understand some of the key differences between these 2 options.

In short, “on-premises” allows you to store data on your own servers by purchasing the license of the software you will use, while “cloud storage” allows you to store data in an off-site location and easy access over any network connection. At first glance, "on-premises" may seem more appealing for only one factor - having control over your data just because it's stored on your business premises. However, cloud storage's richness with some advantages such as high security, cost-effectiveness, durability, etc. makes it one step ahead of "on-premises". So let's take a closer look at cloud storage and some of the key factors that make it a superior option over the "on-premise" one.


Why cloud storage?

Cloud storage is the new way to store any type of data in an off-site location that is easily accessible over any network connection. Data stored via cloud storage is protected and secured by the third-party cloud provider that allows you to easily access your data whenever and wherever you want. So, taking advantage of cloud storage opportunities, you can access, change, retrieve and even share your data with others anytime and anywhere. In addition, since the data in cloud storage is protected in a single warehouse with high security and all data is encrypted, it makes the possibilities of cybercriminals even more difficult. Thus, even this feature of cloud storage alone is enough to convince users to store data in this safe place and avoid the stress and fear of losing their data from their life. Meanwhile, it's worth noting that cloud storage is cost-effective compared to “on-premise”, as you are only charged for what you use.

Apart from that, cloud storage has 3 different types based on their system’s architecture. They are file, object, and block storage, which have their own use cases and benefits.

  1. File storage: This type of storage is most common, especially among computer users, and is the best option for storing manageable volumes of structured data in a database.
  2. Object storage: This type of storage is best for archiving unstructured data such as websites, mobile applications, IoT devices,  email, videos, web pages as well as large volumes of data that cannot be changed frequently.
  3. Block storage: This type of storage is best suited for transactional databases and virtual machines, offering higher performance and greater storage efficiency than the other 2 types.

From now on, our blog will provide you information regarding features, benefits, etc., of block storage through one of their trusted providers named AZCLOUD.

            While looking for an ideal block storage provider some essential factors such as top one security, then durability, high-performance and so on should be considered first. Without these features, and even the absence of some of them, your block storage is meaningless. This means that you have to be very careful about finding a successful provider with features strong enough to make you feel comfortable and confident when deciding to use block storage. Fortunately, there is one new provider that matches exactly the aforementioned requests – AZCLOUD

 What is AZCLOUD Storage? 

            AZCLOUD block storage - ASB is a new high performance and secure block storage that not only facilitate and speed up the business processes by storing your data in secure environment and enabling easily data access. By prioritizing your needs, it offers 3 types of block storage service with 2 types of volume (SSD and HDD) – ASB Standard, ASB Ultra, and ASB Turbo.

  1. ASB Standard - HDD volume block storage and is designed for less frequent access to workloads
  2. ASB Ultra - HDD volume block storage and best fitted for frequently access workloads.
  3. ASB Turbo - SSD volume block storage and is designed for boot volumes of virtual machines, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.

            Such an availability of multiple product types allows you to easily choose the type of block storage that best suits your needs.

            One of the main reasons behind choosing ASB is the many great advantages it offers. So, let's take a look at some of the literally powerful and important benefits!

  1. Performance – ASB provides one of the highest IOPS-GiB ratio across all types of ASB compared to the other service providers
  2. Security – Well! This benefit plays a fundamental role for AZCLOUD Storage, because in the block storage environment, security is the most important factor that has the capacity to convince users to choose a particular block storage provider. By having  the latest equipment and technologies to ensure the security of its Availability Zones, as well as providing users with two-factory authentication a number of additional features, AZCLOUD confidently claims that you can trust your data to ASB.
  3. Elastic - it implies that while storing data, you can easily scale up your storage capacity with this advantage.
  4. Scalability - Ability to add up to 10 additional volumes to AZCLOUD virtual machine
  5. Durability - ASB provides high durability for types of storages. Additionally, needs to be noted that ASB persists independently of the life of VM it is attached to.

After all the advantages, features, and knowledge of block storage, one very important point remained. Let's be honest, although we've left this point for last, the question "How much will it cost me?" was rolling in your mind from the very beginning of the sales process. Yes, as you sense the last point is ASB’s prices. Overall, it should be emphasized that the most notable factor in pricing is ASB’s pay-as-you-go model. It means that you will be only charged for what you use. Additionally, on the website, the pricing section is designed as a kind of “self-service” so that you can easily create your own product. To get better perspective top our prices, follow the link.

Other providers vs AZCLOUD

 In the cloud storage market, there are so many providers with various offers in order to grab the attention of users. The most popular ones are EBS (AWS), Managed Disks (Microsoft Azure), and Persistent Disk (Google). The main reason that makes those providers popular is that they were the first providers in this market right when this innovation (block storage) was needed most. Now we would like to highlight some points to show why you should consider ASB (AZCLOUD) more than other providers when storing data.

In terms of pricing, unlike other providers, AZCLOUD is the most honest and fair in that market due to the high value it gives to users. Such that, although other providers are blinding users with their “low price” offerings, but in reality, apart from “low prices”, they charge users with hidden costs such as read and write options, transactions, and etc. On the other hand, by prioritizing your comfort, ASB emphasizes that you will never be responsible for extra costs other than the actual price of the products. It means that you can conveniently store your data with the confidence of paying as you use it, without fear of such unexpected hidden costs.

Coming to the other main points, ASB confidently emphasizes that by relying on the high quality and benefits of its products, you will enjoy achieving the results you seek with a high-performance, durable, elastic, and especially safe block storage service. Therefore, we are pretty sure that even such confidence in our high-quality products is strong enough to build faith in both the hearts and minds of users.

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